“I Clicked it Up a Notch” June Contest {Photography Contests}

I love when I get the photography contest announcements in my newsfeed.  It means that I will take a little time to reflect over my work from the past month.  I knew right away the image that I was going to enter.  This image took my breath away and I plan on ordering on canvas to hang in my office.  It was a moment that at a blink of an eye was over but thankfully I had my camera ready.

Meet sweet Griffin and Tristan the horse.

Click It Up A Notch

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Stephanie - That is absolutely adorable!! I love this photo! One of my favorites!! Excellent capture!

gayly - I love it! The details are beautiful in the brown tones.

Bekki Slater - This is a-ma-zing!!! I dream of capturing an image like this with my daughter. I just love it.

Gina - What a moment- WOW

jennifer - What a beautiful moment captured Amanda!! LOVE this! :)

Mimi - OH MY! I love this! It is so stikin adorable. I love the conversion to black and white it makes it feel so rustic and cowboyish. this will be gorgeous as a canvas.

Courtney - Wow! I can see why you picked this one! Talk about fantastic timing!! I love it!

Vote Top 5-June 2012 - Click it Up a Notch - [...] 2. Amanda Lassiter Photography [...]

tammy - I saw your entry on Click It Up and had to express what an outstanding photo this is. I gasped when I saw it and know how rare it is to capture the moment but you did. Bravo!

Stefanie - I just LOVE this picture! It’s perfect in every way :)

Trisha - So precious. I love everything about this picture!

Monica - So precious! Great shot!

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